Battery 12V 7AH
30.00 30.00 30.0 USD
اصلاح/تركيب UPS
100.00 100.00 100.0 USD
ORASCOM Gel Deep Cycle Battery 12v 55Ah
120.00 120.00 120.0 USD
Designed life time: 12years Cycle life time: 1200 Cycles Temp range: 0 C to 55 C Standards: IEC61427
Tescom XT310 UPS 10 KVA 3 Phase
5,000.00 5,000.00 5000.0 USD
XT 310 Online UPS عبارة عن وحدات تزويد طاقة غير منقطعة يتم التحكم فيها بواسطة معالج دقيق ، وإمدادات طاقة غير منقطعة بإخراج جيبي كامل يتم إنتاجها باستخدام تقنيات PWM (تعديل عرض النبض) وتقنيات IGBT. يوفر طاقة غير منقطعة للشبكات المحلية وأنظمة الاتصالات والأجهزة الطبية الحساسة وأجهزة القياس الهندسية الذكية وأنظمة الأتمتة الصناعية من خلال ضمان التشغيل الآمن بفضل محول عزل العاكس المدمج.

- بدون يطاريات
- يحتاج الى عدد 30 بطارية
90.00 90.00 90.0 USD
Product Description
- LED display or LCD display selectable
- Microprocessor-based digital control
- Boost and buck AVR for voltage stabilization
- Auto sensing frequency
- Wide input voltage range
- Power-on self test
- Cold start
- Auto restart when mains power is restored
- Auto track mains phase to ensure that inverter output voltage has same phase with utility voltage, reducing transfer time and peak surge
- Intelligent battery management: battery temperature compensation to extend the battery life; three-stage charging to shorten recharge time
- Short circuit, battery overcharge / overdischarge, overload, surge protections
- Automatic charging in OFF mode
- Optional no-load shutdown
- Optional RS232 / USB communication port and RJ11 / RJ45 protection
- Unattended safety shutdown: system alarm and auto Power-On / Off by RS232 or USB interface communicating with PC
UPS TRIPP LITE SmartOnline SVTX Series 3-Phase 380/400/415V 10kVA 9kW On-Line Double-Conversion UPS, Tower, Extended Run, SNMP Option
4,500.00 4,500.00 4500.0 USD

Economical, entry-level 3-phase UPS system protects connected mission-critical equipment against damage, downtime and data loss due to blackouts, brownouts, power surges and line noise.

- On-line double-conversion topology with IGBT technology
- Voltage and Frequency Independent (VFI) operation
- Automatic and Manual Bypass for enhanced reliability
- Optional ECO mode for high-efficiency operation
- Add optional WEBCARDLX with latest version of PADM20 for enhanced remote management
- 2-year limited warranty
UPS TRIPP LITE SmartOnline Single Phase SU10000RT3UPM 200-240V 10kVA 9kW UPS Spare / Redundant Power Module, 3U Rack/Tower
3,400.00 3,400.00 3400.0 USD
10,000 VA (10kVA) on-line, double-conversion UPS power module for spare or redundant UPS
configurations involving SU10000RT3U, SU10000RT3UG, SU10000RT3U2TF, SU10KRT3U,

10,000 VA (10kVA) on-line, double-conversion UPS power module for spare or redundant UPS
configurations involving select Tripp Lite 10 and 20kVA configurations ●