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    The UPRK0005 Piston Ring Kit is a critical component in the engine’s combustion process. It plays a vital role in maintaining proper compression and preventing gas leakage. Here are the key features:

    High-Quality Rings:
    The kit includes three piston rings made from durable materials.
    These rings ensure a tight seal between the piston and cylinder wall, optimizing engine performance.
    Components Included:
    The UPRK0005 kit typically contains compression rings, oil control rings, and scraper rings.
    Each ring has a specific function, such as sealing combustion gases or controlling oil consumption.

    The UPRK0005 Piston Ring Kit is compatible with various Perkins engine models.
    It is commonly used in industrial applications, construction equipment, and agricultural machinery.

    Compatible Engine Models:
    The UPRK0005 Piston Ring Kit is suitable for the following Perkins engine series:
    Perkins 1103 Series
    Perkins 1104 Series
    Perkins 1206 Series

    Please verify compatibility with your specific engine model before installation. Using genuine Perkins parts ensures reliable performance and extends the life of your engine.

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